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Testosterone propionate

Testover P refers to a group of testosterone esters. The active ingredient of the drug is very popular among athletes because of the rapid elimination from the body and lower the duration of exposure. This allows you to take it in bodybuilding competitions just before, without having to worry for doping tests.
has a gentle effect on the body and much less water retention propionate – Unlike other well-known testosterone esters – enanthate and cypionate. The immediate effect Testover P results in increased muscle mass athlete raising relief and muscle stiffness, rapid growth of the power indicators.
All of Testover
History of testosterone propionate has already 80 years old and started with the 1930s, the company Shering he was placed in the sports market of pharmaceuticals. Until the 60s it was the only known testosterone ester, and to this day does not lose relevance, although there were also enanthate, cypionate, and other esters. Testover P mozhmno buy in the UK by credit card.
Testover won the confidence of athletes all over the world as one of the best preparations for drying and preparation for competitions. The best known examples of the use of the drug by athletes from the GDR, a high Ratio is at its courses.
According to the chemical structure of the drug is an analogue of the male hormone dissolved in the oil, to which is attached a propionate ester in 17-beta hydroxyl group. As an endogenous hormone, the steroid has anabolic and androgenic activity, its anabolic index is equal to one. Testover P fast delivery across the UK.
The product is flavored, and is converted to dihydrotestosterone, and there are side effects such Testover P, like greasy skin, hair loss, acne, and at higher dosages gynecomastia in men. Among the positive properties of testosterone propionate are to reduce the risk of cardiac ischemia and coronary disease, fat-burning effect. On the course there is an increase in libido, decaying after the completion of dosing.
Taking the drug should be in accordance with the recommended dosage. Detailed instructions for him posted on our forum. Forum of our website – it is a platform for discussion and preparations, consultations with specialists.
Compared with other hormones, propionate least substantially fluid accumulates in the tissues. And due to its almost instant impact after 1-2 days the athlete feels a surge of strength, increased appetite and elevated state of mind. Value for money Testover P optimally, its value allows even novice athletes to try the drug. The product is suitable to athletes of all skill levels. Within 12-36 hours after injection, the maximum concentration in the blood, and then go into decline. Accordingly, the injection should be put in a day, and this is probably the only disadvantage of the drug.
Testover used in a wide range of sports disciplines, but the most widely used by bodybuilders and powerlifters. Of the side effects occur most frequently steroid acne, and high blood pressure in excess dosages. Hepatotoxic drugs is very low.
Testover P significantly reduces the production of endogenous testosterone, which requires acceptance Tamoksimeda Proviron or after the course to save the results and recovery of testosterone.
How to take Testover P
Injections of the drug put in a day or two at 100-200 mg for athletes. The amount of the steroid is quite sufficient to produce tangible results in strength and mass gains.
Application Testover women is not recommended, as well as any other strong androgen having this activity. But since the air most rapidly excreted from the body and the rate of this drug for women is still possible without a significant health risk. Experienced athletes put on the dosage of 25-50 mg weekly or every 5 days for a course of not more than 8 weeks. Testover P can be bought in the UK in our online store.
For beginners will approach the drug at 50 mg every other day to make the most sparing start Testover course. Experienced athletes can begin the course immediately with large doses. The total duration of administration of the drug is 6-10 weeks.
This drug is strong enough to take it solo, but the combination of its capabilities and lead to even greater results. The best effect on the course with these injections produce a combination with stanozolol, Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan and trenbolone. In these cases it is important to choose wisely dosing regimen, and they will provide a terrific synergy effect in strength gains, muscle mass and creating muscle definition.