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Mesterolone (Proviron)

Androgenic steroid hormone produced by the German pharmaceutical company. Available in packs of 20 tablets, each containing 25 milligrams of active ingredient (mesterolone). Provironum can be purchased in UK in our online store. Although Provironum and it has little resistance to the manifestation of estrogen, yet it is not a potent inhibitor of aromatase. The steroid is used en masse in the power sports (most often Рin bodybuilding) as an adjunct to mixed courses AAS. The research and practical application of the drug say about his poor ability to suppress the formation of fatty deposits on the female type and gynecomastia, as well as any other consequences of flavoring. Provironum can buy in UK by credit card.

Provironum significantly increases testosterone in the blood (due to the activation binding globulin sex hormone), but does not affect the production of its own hormones. Steroid often used as a post-cycle of therapy, despite the absence of the above-mentioned ability to restore the level of endogenous testosterone. Buy drug in Russia legally impossible, because it is included in the “list of potent substances for the purposes of Article 234 and other articles of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.” In Ukraine, the steroid is not prohibited means. Provironum with fast delivery across the UK.

The effects from taking Provironuma

  • Some anabolism.
  • Gain relief and hardness of muscle fibers. Due to this effect, the steroid is so popular in bodybuilding. Provironum athletes are often used in dosages that are close to the minimum.
  • Improving the quality and quantity of sperm.
  • Stimulation of the development of male reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics.
  • Increased sexual desire and potency improvement on the course.