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Methenolone acetate (Primobolan)

Primo Tabs – cteroid moderate anabolic and androgenic effects of the Indian pharmaceutical company. The main active ingredient – methenolone acetate. The drug is an oral form of release – 50 tablets of 25 mg. Athletes are often faced with the choice between oral and injectable steroids based methenolone. I must say that both forms have their advantages and disadvantages. Pelleted Primo Tubbs has a short duration of action (decay occurs in about 5 hours), no toxic effects on the liver, but is more expensive. The injectable form provides a more uniform delivery of active ingredient in the blood. Primoprime can buy in UK by credit card.

In general, metenolone acetate is sufficiently soft steroid, anabolic its activity is 88% of testosterone, androgen – 44%. The duration of action of the drug – up to 6 hours, at the time of detection of doping control – up to six months. In this connection, oral Primo Tabs favorably with injection, traces of which remain in the body for about six months. Primoprime with fast delivery across the UK.

Effects of reception

  • Providing relief muscles. Primo Tabs significantly improves the appearance of muscles, namely, their vascularity and drawing. It is often used by members of military sports (mainly – bodybuilders) in the final phase of preparation for a competition.
  • Save to gain muscle mass.
  • There is little or rollback phenomenon.
  • Minimal risk of adverse reactions.

Given the mild action Primo Tabs, to some extent comparable to the “deck”, it is most often used in the drying course. I must say that steroid use on the set of irrational mass: most likely, you will not get the desired effect. Primoprime can be purchased in UK in our online store.