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Oxandrolone (Anavar)

Oralny steroid oxandrolone based. Originally it was designed for children and women, and therefore has on the body is soft enough impact. For the first time at the pharmacologic oxandrolone market it appeared as far back as 1964. It has been developed by US company Searle Co to boost growth in patients suffering from osteoporosis. In medicine, the drug is also used to repair tissue and the skin after burns, strengthen ligaments and bones, anemia and Turner syndrome. Oxanabol can buy in UK by credit card.

The steroid is sineticheskim with A-Heterocyclic ring and the carbon atom substituted by a hydrogen atom. The high anabolic index along with minimal androgenic activity (only 25% of testosterone) have made Oxandrolone the favorite drug of athletes. Oksanabol virtually no effect on muscle growth, but significantly increases the speed-strength performance. Oxanabol with fast delivery across the UK.

The effects from taking Oxanabol

  • A set of lean muscle mass.
  • A significant increase in power rates.
  • Stimulation of fat burning.
  • Increased secretion of growth hormone (somatotropin).

Oxandrolone structurally resembles dihydrotestosterone, or rather its derivative is added to an oxygen atom in place of carbon at the second position. Due to this a very high Oksanabol anabolic (4-fold higher than the testosterone) and low androgen (testosterone quarter) activity. `Oxanabol can be purchased in UK in our online store.