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Anabolic and androgenic steroid on the Moldovan pharmaceutical company Vermodje. The main active ingredient – methyltestosterone. Product form – pills in a package of 25 pieces. 25 mg / tab. Metilver is an oral testosterone. Metilver fast delivery across the UK. This is one of the oldest anabolic and androgenic steroids in the market of sports pharmacology. Company Vermodje, manufacturer Metilver, founded in 2001 and over the nearly 15 years, won a good reputation among athletes.  Metilver can be bought in the UK in our online store.Methyltestosterone peculiarity is the presence of a methyl group in the 17-alpha position. This leads to the fact that the substance is not destroyed when passing through the liver but substantially increases the toxicity of the steroid. Given the low and high anabolic androgenic activity, Metilver rarely used in bodybuilding. In medical use the drug used to increase the secretion of testosterone (treatment decreased testicular function), as well as testosterone replacement in tablet form. Metilver mozhmno buy in the UK by credit card.

The effects from taking Metilver

  • The increase in power rates.
  • The growth of muscle mass. To achieve high-quality growth of muscle mass is very problematic, especially if the steroid methyltestosterone is the only one on the course. More likely effect – the accumulation of fatty deposits.
  • Nervous system regeneration.
  • The growth of the power of endurance. The effect is caused by the fact that the human body does not methyltestosterone converted to dihydrotestosterone, a more potent metabolite – 17-methyl-dihydrotestosterone.
  • Increased aggression. In this regard, the steroid can be used directly in front of the competition and responsible training.