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10 ampoules (300mg/ml)


Nandrolone decanoate (Deca)

Is an injectable anabolic steroid drugs that substance – nandrolone decanoate. Its action has a high anabolic activity, low androgenic effect and minimum flavoring. After injection, the active substance is active up to 15 days. The drug promotes muscle growth and strengthening of bones, blood oxygen saturation. Deca 300 you can buy on the UK by credit card.
Also, by its action it eliminates joint pain and improves the immune system. In this case the active substance is practically non-toxic to the liver, so in bodybuilding is considered one of the safest steroids and practically shows no side effects in compliance with the recommended dosage.

Dosage and combinations

This steroid injections supplied in packs of 10 ml at a concentration of active ingredient of 300 mg / ml. The packaging from the manufacturer, unfortunately, does not provide instruction, but you can go to the thread in the forum, where everything is described in detail on this matter, – the link above, with the active substance “nandrolone decanoate (nandrolone decanoate)». Before you buy anabolic, it is important to know that the positive effect is not an increase in excess of the recommended dosage and proper training in conjunction with proper sports nutrition. Deca 300 with fast delivery across the UK.

Beginners athletes recommended not to exceed the dosage Dekos 100-200 mg per week. Experienced athletes adjusted weekly dose to 400-600 mg. Note that some exceed this limit, but that considerable progress is not sought, but faced with an acute problem of eliminating side effects.

When finished taking Dekos to fix the course for the conservation of mass can be put stanazolol. In addition, you can use Clenbuterol which inhibits catabolic reactions and helps burn fat. When the dosage exceeds this combination will minimize or eliminate certain side effects. It is not recommended to take during the course sodium-containing preparations as such combinations result in accumulation of fluid in the body. Deca 300 can be purchased in UK in our online store.

If you do not know how to make this anabolic steroid, consult with experienced athletes, who took the drug correctly and have made real progress. On our forum you will always find like-minded and experienced athletes. Ask your question correctly, and you always get good advice and effective assistance.