Boldever amp.

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10 ampoules (200 mg/ml)


Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)

An anabolic steroid with a moderate androgenic effects. Initially undisilenat boldenone (active drug substance) – it has been designed solely for use in veterinary medicine. His aim was, by repeating methandrostenolone effects, ensure the effect over a longer period. But the result was obtained by an entirely new anabolic steroid with other characteristics. Boldever mozhmno buy in UK by credit card.

The chemical similarity of methandrostenolone, boldenone and undisilenata large molecules, however boldenone molecule devoid of 17-alpha-methyl group. Efficiency for the set weight and increase power performance at the “meta” and boldenone about the same. Chemically, the substance is a testosterone molecule that between the first and second carbon atom has a double bond. Due to this modification has the same boldever anabolic activity as testosterone, at half the androgenic properties. Also, the steroid is often compared to nandrolone, but draw parallels between the two drugs with different mechanisms of action is wrong. Boldever fast delivery across the UK.

The effects from taking Boldever

  • The increase in red cell blood. The drug stimulates the body’s production of red blood cells, and this, in turn, provides a greater flow of oxygen to the muscles. Athletes taking Boldever become more resistant.
  • The product provides qualitative increase in muscle mass without causing an excessive accumulation of water.
  • Increased appetite. Part of a set of muscles is caused by a large number of food consumed on Boldever course.
  • Increased sexual desire.

Ether undisilenata designed to provide a peak concentration of the active substance in the body for 15-25 days. It is the longest ester used to anabolic steroids. Undisilenat 1 atom longer than decanoate. Boldever can be purchased in UK in our online store.