Are sex and sports compatible?

Are sex and sports compatible?


Sex Life” – in this combination may be hiding deep contradiction. On the one hand, one of the                     strongest motivations to engage in sports – logical and laudable desire to please, to catch the                     admiring and envious looks, and most importantly – easy to achieve any object of your attention.

On the other – many professionals and trainers advocate virtually complete abstinence. There are also camp on the opposite position, its representatives claim that without regular sex is never a good result. And each of the parties at the disposal of logical and valid arguments. Understand this is not so simple.



Sex and bodybuilding: myths and their origins

Let’s start with bodybuilding for several decades, the popularity of the sexual life of a professional athlete has acquired so many myths, that among them it is possible to meet supporters of virtually absolute abstinence.

This is an extreme position, mostly professionals do not recommend sex before training and before competitions. Some of their arguments are logical, some are based on misconceptions:

  • Sex – it is a great loss of energy. This is true: on the average duration of sophistication and frivolous sexual intercourse man spends 250 kcal. If you have rich imagination and needs – the energy loss will be even greater.
  • Sex interferes with sleep, rest, so – recovery after intense exercise. This is also true for a full recovery requires a calm and a long rest, otherwise the results will go down dramatically.
  • During ejaculation body loses protein and zinc. The first part of this argument is untenable. Protein losses are insignificant, they can compensate for a cocktail before going to bed, with zinc is more complicated, but also its lack of easy to make up.
  • After sex drops sharply testosterone levels, critical to achieve high results hormone. Therefore, training the next day would be less fruitful.
  • Sex depletes emotionally. After a good discharge, we always become calm, steady, much less want to enter into an unequal battle with the load. Therefore, to find the motivation for the assault of new sports tops much more difficult. This is especially important if you will have competition.

But the science and practice has long proven that a long abstinence nor to no good leads. The main argument for a full sex life – the pleasure of sex hormones of happiness. Discharge and positive emotions increase self-confidence, make the body more resistant to stress and in the long run are very helpful.



Sex and competition in the UK

This is a more delicate matter. Here are all individually, you will have their own experience to determine how sex affect your willingness to fight. For someone it is optimal weekly abstinence, allowing to approach the competition at the peak of rage and desire of all to win.

For someone better opposite approach – is more important than confidence and poise, which helps show the best results.

You do not need to worry about the combination of sex and bodybuilding, if you are an amateur. In this case, the classes in the hall will only increase your sexual performance. Barbell exercises increase testosterone levels, improve blood circulation cardio. A temporary reduction of the results immediately after sex should not bother.

Women can be a lot less to worry about a thoughtful approach to their sex lives, for female sex has almost absolute advantage. The only time – not to expend too much energy before the race and give yourself time to sleep.

Steroids, particularly during chronic administration, a negative impact on sexual function, it is difficult to compensate for. The body produces less testosterone, due to the artificially created imbalance oppressed many functions, including – sexual. To this should be ready, if you decide to take steroids
In addition to reducing sexual function and steroids lead to blood clots and increased risk of cardiovascular disease, increased risk of diabetes, liver problems, prostate and mind

Therefore, the decision to start a course of steroids should be carefully assessed.



Sex and fitness

This is a simple question. Permanent physical activity improves endurance, enhances sexual desire and as a result can make sex more vivid and lasting. A fitness rare extreme stresses of bodybuilding, they are familiar only to a limited circle of professionals.

Therefore, sex can be even on training days . As both men and women, testosterone is responsible for libido. A training contribute to its elaboration, stimulating the desire and the opportunity to engage in sex.

Another plus: fitness, as well as any non-stress load – this is a good way to forget about the daily problems for an hour or two. This reduces the level of stress makes a person more balanced, calm, and then – more attentive and good lover.

It should be added and attractive body, which in itself for both sexes is a source of confidence – one of the basic conditions for high-quality sex. Unlike bodybuilders figures that the taste is not all, just toned and athletic build attracted extremely positive attention.

Sex and sports

We should mention that we are not talking about amateur sports. For him, the usefulness and importance of sex is the only point at issue before the competition, and that – is not for everyone.

Professionals have to complicated. They mostly have to observe the regime and to abstain from sex during periods of intensive training and before competitions. Although this issue in recent years there is an opposite point of view. Some champions say that sex just before the competition has a positive effect on the willingness to better results.



But the sad statistics of professional sport badly affect the potency , as well as overall health. Stress loads, mode of life at the training camp and the road, a huge load during the competition, both physical and psychological. All this affects the sexual health adversely. Although there are happy exceptions.

For most women, the reverse is true – sex helps to calm down, relax, thereby better tolerated intensive training and competitive rhythm. Unlike men, the concentration of women after sex is increasing.

Of course, if we exclude the time immediately after exercise, when the body is physically exhausted and mind – emotionally, so an hour or two to restore the body still requires.

How to correctly combine sex and great physical activity in the UK

There are a few simple guidelines, compliance with which will help minimize the impact of sex for men athletic performance:

  • If, all the arguments against sex lose their strength the next day is not planned to intense exercise.Free of training days – the perfect time for sex, do not miss it;
  • Plan (it is compulsory in this issue), Sex on the evening. The morning before a workout – the worst time for sex;
  • The body begins to recover in an hour and a half after training, immediately after sex is unlikely to be a useful and complete;
  • Avoid diets and food systems that excluded any basic elements. Even driving power must be complete, otherwise the body will reduce the “budget” of energy for sexual activity.

Sex and sport can and should be combined, otherwise what is the use of an attractive beautiful body? For amateur athletes this question is not relevant, and exercise will only be a plus for the vibrant sex life.

Professionals are increasingly forced to choose between sex and constant high results, but there are possible compromises – if you want to look for them. Doctors have long found that abstinence is harmful to health, so it is impossible to eliminate sex completely. For women, it is a harmless dope, helping in the sport.